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Dicksonia antarctica


About Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern)

Dicksonia antarctica is also known as Soft tree fern or man fern. This beautiful fern is native to Australia and Tasmania. Contrary to popular belief, Dicksonia antarctica is not native to New Zealand.

Soft tree ferns are the most popular tree ferns as they are quite winter hardy. It is often grown in temperate zones, such as the UK. It is well suited for sheltered gardens. They can be kept indoors as well, but they will require to be kept well wet. 

Attributes of Dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica is characterized by the massive red-brown to dark brown trunk that can achieve heights of up to 5 metres (15 feet). In optimal growth, the leaves can grow up to 4 metres (12 feet) in length, but in temperate climates they often only grow about half as long. Leaves are lance shaped and double feathered with hairy petioles.

Taking care of Dicksonia antarctica

This tree fern can tolerate sun well, provided that the growth point and trunk are kept moist. It grows best in partial shade where a lot of moisture is present. Dicksonia antarctica can tolerate frost up to -10 degrees Celsius for short durations; it generally is best to protect the trunk and growth point from -5 degrees Celsius. If possible, place Dicksonia antarctica sheltered against (heavy) wind.

Protecting Dicksonia Antarctica

Use synthetic climate cloth for protecting Dicksonia antarctica. When apply climate cloth, remember to protect the growth point extra as well. Apply a good layer of mulch around the trunk and for even better results, apply a root protector on top of the mulch. Proceed to cover entirety of the fern with winter protection clothes, old blankets, reed mats or other breathing materials.

Dicksonia antarctica sizes and alternatives.

Dicksonia antarctica is available in various sizes; starting at trunkless ferns all the way up to trunk of over 2 metres tall. In addition, we receive a yearly shipment of barerooted trunks. These are cheaper than rooted varieties but are only available for 1 week per year and in limited stock.

Besides Dicksonia antarctica, other tree ferns are available as well. We reguarly offer other Dicksonia ferns such as Dicksonia fibrosa, Dicksonia lanata, Dicksonia sellowiana and Dicksonia squarrosa. In addition, the similar Cyathea ferns are available in for example Cyathea medullaris, Cyathea australis, Cyathea tomentosissima and Cyathea cooperii.

Ordering Dicksonia antarctica at MyPalmShop.

Dicksonia antarctica is usually delivered within 2-4 business days. Smaller sizes will be delivered in a parcel. You will receive a track and trace for this parcel. Larger sizes come by pallet. In both cases, your shipment will receive proper protection to facilitate the shipment. We will only pack your order shortly before it is sent out, so that it stays in a box or pallet as short as possible. They will receive some last-minute care so that they can survive a few days without damage.

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