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Trachycarpus wagnerianus Frosty Miniature Chusan Palm tree Frosty

Trachycarpus wagnerianus Frosty is a pot grown Wagnerianus. The seed of the Frosty is taken from specially selected mother plants. These mother plants are selected based on the stiffness of the leaves in combination with the well known beautiful white edges, as well as on the shape. That way, the A1 quality amongst Wagnerianus is produced. Cultivated in Northern Europe, the Frosty is very resistant against most winters, making them one of the most ideal palms for outside in your garden. They have been hardened already and will continue to grow well in your garden. well in your garden. Thanks to the selection based on the stiffness of the leaves, the Frosty is extra wind resistant as well. They are put in deco-pots, which makes them well suited as a container plant as well. Possibly the most important aspect of the Frosty palm is that they have many leaves. Tot. height: 100-120cm, trunk: 25-35cm, pot: ø 30 cm



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Palm tree specialist for Europe

GardenPalms specialises in the cultivation, import and export of cold-resistant palms and exotics suitable for the European climate. We travel the globe sourcing the hardiest Trachycarpus fan-palms and cultivate beautiful, strong plants suited to European gardens. We import frost-resistant feather palms such as Butia from South America and accommodate large international orders for seedlings in our greenhouses. Our activities and experience allow us to select and produce only the highest quality plants at very competitive prices. We aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for nurseries and garden centres and to offer an unrivalled service.