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GardenPalms specialises in the cultivation, import and export of cold-resistant palms and exotics suitable for the European climate. We travel the globe sourcing the hardiest Trachycarpus fan-palms and cultivate beautiful, strong plants suited to European gardens. We import frost-resistant feather palms such as Butia from South America and accommodate large international orders for seedlings in our greenhouses.

Our activities and experience allow us to select and produce only the highest quality plants at very competitive prices. We aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for nurseries and garden centres and to offer an unrivalled service.

Gardenpalms Europe BV
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Winter hardy palms survive our winters
Hardy Trachycarpus wagnerianus resplendent in mid-winter

A palm tree in your garden

GardenPalms supports individual gardeners too with extensive information on this site to help you set up your own jungle paradise!

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Frost resistant palm trees

GardenPalms takes care to obtain and cultivate only the strongest strains of fan palms and feather palms. We can help you enjoy the tropics at home with our selection of prime, frost-resistant and hardy fan and feather palms! And we have many associated exotic plants; tree ferns such as Dicksonia antartica and Cyathea's, hardy Yucca rostratas and Cordylines.

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Our retail outlet is open on fridays and saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Why not come and pay us a visit at Beekweg 18, 7887 TN in Erica, Holland?