Technology and Palm growth

With the exception of some Trachycarpus species, palms are plants from a warmer climate than our own. We often bemoan our cool climate and spend hours trying to improve soil, watering, creating microclimates and adding fertiliser, trying to make that darned palm grow just a little bit faster, but the one thing nobody has yet implemented is plant technology.

Most palms require good drainage, good aeration and plenty of water to grow well, as well as summer heat and sunshine. Small wonder that so many are difficult to grow well in our climate, and suffer all sorts of nutritional and health problems as well as being slow.

When winter fades and the weather warms up the palm begins to produce hormones to stimulate growth. Most palms in Holland rarely reach full growing speed due to the cool climate. In spring its sunny enough to grow but the air and soil temperature are not high enough to stimulate good hormone production and growth is sluggish. Therefore, by introducing various hormones to a plant it is possible to enhance growth, not just top growth, but root growth as well. Our Palmbooster product is designed to be added to water before applying to the palm. This product is designed specifically to stimulate and support active root growth rather than top growth. This is because to grow a healthy palm you must first build a large and healthy root system. Once the root has grown it in turn releases another growth hormone that instructs the leaves to grow faster. The result is a very strong and vigorous palm tree.

Palmbooster also works very well in conjunction with Neem coir and together is superb for growing healthy palms from seed. Our Palmbooster should also be used when planting out palms in the garden or in transplanting. A double dose should be applied as a drench at the time of planting, and then the normal recommended dose weekly thereafter. This will stimulate new root growth and minimise sulking and plant shock. This should considerably shorten the time taken for a large palm to settle in once transplanted.

Our other product, the Seed Germinator solution has also been used very successfully in the nursery trade on other plants to stimulate rapid top growth. We are not sure if it will have any side effects with mature palms , but have already used it on palm seedlings in the nursery with amazing results. If used on mature palms it will undoubtedly cause a significant increase in growth rate and vigour beyond that of our Palmbooster product. This is a product that we are very optimistic about but further testing is required before we feel we can recommend it.

For now we recommend the Palmbooster product which we know has a proven record and can be used safely and to good effect with all plants, not just palms.